Interior CGIs

It's what's on the inside that counts

Every Interior Visualisation project begins with the construction of a digital replica of your project to an uncompromising level of detail – down to screw heads on hinges and silicone beading on tile edges.

By carefully crafting the entire space as a beautifully detailed 3D model we are afforded the luxury of ultimate creative freedom to capture a package of content from any and every angle, avoiding the false economy of “price per shot”.

An eye for detail

As photographers at heart, we want to do more than just capture stills of your space – we want to tell a story, and portray the lifestyle your new home will offer through beautiful imagery.

That’s why we take a photographic approach to every single project. We dress the space to suit your target market just as a photographer would, then use architectural photography techniques to focus on the smaller details and create a stunning package of hyper-realistic images that showcase both your new home and lifestyle it offers.

Your Brand in their hands

Your project, marketing strategy and target buyer are unique, so why should we use the same piece of content to try to resonate with all of your buyers?

At Captivate we make the assets we create for you work as hard as possible, and harness the latest tools to help you establish the strongest possible connection between your brand and your audience.


Cinematic moving imagery presents additional creative opportunity to evoke emotion and add another layer of life

Interactive Tours

Walk around your project in full 360 from any device, switching from day to night or exploring alternative layout options

Augmented Reality

Allow your buyers to explore your entire development or a particular property in full 3D, right at home on their coffee table


Create something that’ll really get them talking. From fully interactive walkthroughs to Instagram Portals and more

Are you in need of awesome Interior CGIs to showcase your project? Get in touch and let's chat about how we can help. We'd love to create something amazing together.